Rent Jefferson Warehouse for Your Event

Though we’ve always rented space for events, Jefferson Warehouse was previously known mostly for live bands and local concerts. Our emphasis has changed to event space rental.

Want to check for upcoming live music events around town?

Try Concerts In St Louis

That website will list many large and small concerts happening locally.

Read on for more about renting this facility . . .

Jefferson Warehouse offers lots of space for event rental for various occasions and events!

Combining the industrial setting of South Jefferson Avenue and the richly diverse music scene of St. Louis, this is a great spot to have anything from art and charity events with live music, large parties, and more.

“Event Rentals Starting at $200”

There’s a fully-stocked bar and more than 3,000 square feet of enough sound to raise the roof just slightly.

Large stage and sound-man capabilities available.

Only 5 minutes from downtown, you’ll find us at 2501 South Jefferson Avenue.

Charges vary depending on your needs.

-As seen on where local musicians and bands can be found online.

Make your event happen here- at Jefferson Warehouse.