Welcome to Jefferson Warehouse


Jefferson Warehouse opened its doors in November of 2010 for live concerts and local events. We’ve had great positive feedback from the area.

In the past, we had new talent coming in weekly, and since then have changed our focus.

Now we host or rent space for additional events.

If local concerts are what you’re looking for, try Concerts In St Louis for a good source to get a pulse on what music events are happening around town.

We’re happy to make people’s day by being the rental venue for many different types of occasions.

We are located at 2501 S. Jefferson Ave, at the intersection of Jefferson and Victor, across the street from the Conoco station.

If you are interested in us hosting your event with additional bar and other services such as a large stage and sound man, give us a call at 314 368 8669.


Whether it’s an art showing , event, orĀ  private party, email us at TheWarehouseSTL@gmail.com

Or, contact us at the contact page. With 3,000 square feet to offer, we rent St Louis event space starting at only $200. This can be handled in different ways depending on the nature of what you want.


Jefferson Warehouse. Lots of space for art, community events, private parties and much more.

We’re here for you.

Rent the Warehouse for Your Special Occasion




Jefferson Warehouse is located 5 minutes from downtown. (See the map at the bottom of our home page.)

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